Lincoln County, Mo. - Due to the torrential rains pounding Lincoln County resulting in floods that led to several rescue efforts by first responders in the area, the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners announced a formal state of emergency in response on June 29.

The state of emergency allows the county to implement all necessary emergency measures for the protection of lives and property.

All county residents are called upon to comply with any road closures, and any emergency orders.

“This is the process of beginning what we need to do get Lincoln County going again,” District 2 Associate Commissioner Matt Bass said.

Eric Tapley, supervisor of the Lincoln County Highway Department said at least $27,000 has already been spent fixing the roads due to the flooding, and way more money will be spent because of the damage.

“We had damage where water went over the roads and washed gravel off,” he said. “We also had water go into driveways because the culvert pipes couldn’t handle all the water that came through because of all the rain we had.

“It just washed everything out.”

Route H and Route BB are just a pair of the roads due to flooding as a result of the storms that hit on June 26 and June 27. Tapley said the state of emergency cuts out the red tape for getting the assistance the area will need to fix the damage from the floods, such as rock, time and labor costs.

“The state of emergency quickly returns money back to taxpayers,” he said. “Each employee has IPods detailing expenses that will tell you to the penny what we spent, so you’ll know exactly how much money went into every project.”

With the chance for better weather on the horizon, the county hopes the state of emergency gives them the opportunity to fix the roads quickly.