The Lincoln County Health Department [LCHD] issued a stay at home order, one day before the fourth positive case of coronavirus was announced for the county.

The order went into effect Sunday, March 29, and stays active until April 6. See the full order here:

The LCHD, on March 27, was notified of its third positive case of COVID-19. The source of exposure is still under investigation. The individual is a resident of Lincoln County and is in their 70’s. The first two cases both were announced on March 26. One patient is travel-related, is a resident of Lincoln County and is in their 40s, the LCHD said in a press release. 

The second case involves a resident in their 70s, and the source of their exposure is still under investigation. 

“We understand the sense of concern coming from residents,” the LCHD said in a release last week. “In order to protect patient privacy, we do not release identifying information on individual cases. We are working closely with our health care partners and the state to monitor the patient and identify any close contacts. Any close contacts will be contacted individually.”

The release advises that social distancing and reducing close contact with others is critical at this time to limit the spread of COVID-19.

“If you have symptoms of a respiratory illness such as fever, cough or difficulty breathing, you should call your healthcare provider,” the LCHD stated. “If your symptoms are severe enough to go to the emergency room, call ahead.”

The LCHD issued an assurance that, while concern is a normal response to an increase in local cases of COVID-19, residents should not be panicked. 

“The first two cases highlight the extreme importance of social distancing for every individual in our community,” the LCHD stated. “Social distancing is the practice of reducing close contact between people to slow the spread of infections or diseases. Lincoln County Health Department recommends keeping a distance of six feet from others whenever possible. Avoid handshakes, fist-bumps, hugs and kisses, as well as touching your own mouth, nose or eyes. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer frequently.”

In order to comply with the orders from the LCHD and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, residents are to avoid social gatherings of more than 10 people. If you have symptoms, you should stay home and call your health care provider. 

Symptoms include fever, cough or difficulty breathing. If your symptoms are severe enough to go to the emergency room, please call ahead and tell them about your symptoms. For general questions, individuals can call the Missouri hotline number at (877) 435-8411.

For additional information on the coronavirus, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services at and the Lincoln County Health Department at

Of importance to note regarding the stay at home order: 

-This order shall supplement the previous orders from LCHD and DHSS.

-Individuals shall follow social distancing requirements.

-Individuals shall avoid social gatherings of more than 10 people.

-Individuals may leave their residence only to perform essential activities (essential activities are defined in the order).

-People who are at high risk and people who are sick are urged to stay in their residence except as necessary to seek medical care.

-All first responders, emergency management personnel, emergency dispatchers, court personnel and law enforcement, and others working for or to support businesses are categorically exempt from this order.

-Nothing in this order shall prohibit any individual from performing for accessing "Essential Governmental Functions".

-This order does not order the closure of businesses, however businesses which remain open shall maintain appropriate social distancing and shall utilize good hygiene and cleaning practices at the business address. If feasible, businesses are asked to review and implement telework or work from home (see order for details).

- Persons shall limit their travel to essential travel (essential travel is defined in the order).

- Violations of any provision of this order constitutes an imminent threat and created an immediate menace to public health.

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