CARES Act reimbursements

Lincoln County Resource Board Executive Director Cheri Winchester receives her organization’s CARES Act reimbursement check from Lincoln County Clerk Crystal Hall.

Based on the recommendations provided by the Lincoln County CARES Act Advisory Committee, the Lincoln County Commission issued nine checks totaling $630,951.17 to organizations that had requested reimbursement under the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act on Wednesday.
Lincoln County Clerk Crystal Hall, who chairs the CARES Act Advisory Committee, emphasized the reimbursement aspect of this first round of funding.
“We knew that there were organizations in Lincoln County that, without knowing whether or not they would ever be reimbursed, had already spent money responding to or trying to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic," she said. :"We felt it was important to make those entities whole again, as best we could within the parameters of the law.”
The nine entities that received reimbursement, and the amount received by each, is as follows:
The Lincoln County R-III School District: $ 220,973.02
The Lincoln County Resource Board: $ 186,562.20
The Lincoln County Health Department: $ 120,123.59
Lincoln County: $ 60,748.67
The Winfield R-IV School District: $ 18,482.11
Community Opportunities: $ 15,989.24
The City of Moscow Mills: $ 4,995.77
The City of Troy: $ 2,084.87
Lincoln County Fire Protection District #1: $ 991.70
Brenda O’Brien, Lincoln County Treasurer and CARES Act Advisory Committee Member, said that not every entity making a request received all of the funding they had requested.
“The CARES Act is very clear regarding which expenses are allowable and which are not. If the expense did not fall within the letter of the law, we could not – and did not – authorize it for reimbursement.” O'Brien said.
Lincoln County Associate Commissioner Mike Mueller is another member of the CARES Act Advisory Committee, and underscored the Committee’s purpose.
“We’re an advisory committee in that we want to make accurate and appropriate recommendations to the County Commission about funds allocation, but another big part of what we do is to advise applicants on what is or is not allowable under the Act,” Mueller said. “This is new to all of us, and by ‘this’ I mean the CARES Act and COVID-19. We want to do our best to help people navigate the process.”
In the attached photograph, Lincoln County Resource Board Executive 
Questions about CARES Act funding can be directed to any member of the Lincoln County CARES Act Advisory Committee:
Lincoln County Associate Commissioner Mike Mueller
Lincoln County Clerk Crystal Hall
Lincoln County Treasurer Brenda O’Brien
Lincoln County Office of Economic Development, Executive Director Julie Rodgers
Lincoln County Emergency Management Director Jim Sharp