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The Lincoln County Health Department has launched a new software program to assist with COVID-19 case investigations and contact tracing. 

This new software, called Qualtrics, will allow LCHD to move through cases and close contacts much faster to keep up with the current rate. 

LCHD has been working hard on getting this new system up and running to streamline some of our processes for positive cases and close contacts. If patients have received a positive test result but are still waiting to hear from us, they may be receiving a survey link texted to the phone number provided to the lab or provider when they were tested. 

This allows the LCHD to collect important information without residents having to wait extended periods of time to speak with someone over the phone. LCHD hopes that this will also be much more convenient for residents. 

The survey, which is confidential and takes about 15 minutes, needs to be completed in order for LCHD to close cases and issue a release letter. Again, LCHD hopes that this new system will make case investigation and contact tracing a faster and more convenient process for Lincoln County residents. Please expect to see a large increase in case numbers as pending cases get processed and added to the total counts. 

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