How about some good news for a change?  At a time when so many people are perplexed and harmed by the CoVid epidemic, bright spots appear as reminders to look for  silver linings in the lingering storm.

In recent weeks, the members of the New Life Christian Church of Eolia have changed the face of CoVid fear from gloomy to hopeful by extending their kindness to others.  Ed Smith, church member, helped with a project related to free food.  His attitude was clearly enthusiastic when he stated that this was an “opportunity to serve” people in Eolia and surrounding areas.  

Disaster relief programs and federal buy-outs of fresh produce inspired the New Life folks with the impetus and means to include free food distribution.  Smith and his fellow church-goers provided a grand variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to anyone interested and in need.  About 30-50 pick-ups were totaled by the end of the giveaway evening.

Because all those who have observed the self-quarantine have had plenty of time on their hands, the congregation chose to convert spring cleaning into another freebie option.  Clothes suited for everyone from the tall to small lined the pews of the church so that visitors could freely choose items that were helpful for families beyond the New Life congregation.

An old adage often reminds people, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”  With hearts full of kindness in the midst of CoVid, New Life Christian Church proved that not all time-honored sayings are 100% true.  Each giveaway item was offered with virtually no strings attached.