Troy Police Officers were led on a car chase through Troy on Tuesday, Jan. 14, before Highway Patrol units were able to lay spike strips and disable the fleeing vehicle.

According to a press release from the Troy Police Department, the chase started with a Troy Police Officer noticing a car traveling northbound on S. Lincoln Dr., without a front license plate.

The officer engaged his lights, but the vehicle failed to stop. The vehicle fled northbound on S. Lincoln Dr. all the way to Cherry St., where the car turned and headed east, to link up with Highway 47.

The chase proceeded all the way down 47 to Highway 79 in Winfield. At Highway 79, the fleeing vehicle turned south towards Old Monroe.

A Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper was in place on 79 near Highway Y in St. Charles County with spike strips ready.

The fleeing car’s tires were deflated and rendered unable to continue fleeing, and the car pulled over.

The release from the Troy Police Department says that there were three individuals in the car total. A press release stated that Nell Iyoba Sodipo was driving, and the other two occupants were transported back to the Troy Police Department for questioning.

Sodipo was transported to the Lincoln County Jail.

The release also says that one of the male passengers stated that Sodipo he had requested the Sodipo stop the car multiple times in order to allow him to exit the vehicle, but she refused. Sodipo reportedly stated to the male passenger that she had multiple warrants out for her arrest and wouldn’t stop.

The release also states that the male passenger informed officers that he was in fear of his safety during the pursuit.

“Luckily, no one from our community or officers were injured during the incident,” the press release stated.

It went on to say, “The Troy Police Department would like to extend our thanks to the Winfield Police Department and the Missouri Highway Patrol for their assistance in this incident.”

Sodipo was charged with Resisting Arrest by Fleeing, which is a class E Felony, and Driving While Revoked: a class D misdemeanor. The Honorable Judge Flynn set bond at $10,000 cash only. Sodipo also had outstanding warrants from other agencies.