Toyota Troy

Mercy Hospital Lincoln nurses conducted a COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Toyota Missouri on April 16 with the goal of offering vaccinations to employees and variable workforce.

“Toyota Missouri is committed to providing a safe work environment. Working together with Mercy Hospital Lincoln, the team has prepared for this day,” said Wes Woods, plant president. “The onsite COVID vaccination clinic is another step to help protect the health of our employees and contribute to herd immunity in the community.”

By offering the vaccine onsite, Toyota Missouri hopes to make it an easy and convenient process for its employees while also reducing demand at community vaccination sites. Though the vaccine is not mandatory, Toyota Missouri employees are encouraged to consider receiving the vaccine to help protect themselves, their family and those around them.

“Vaccination is our way out of the COVID-19 pandemic, to return to more normal lives and a stronger community - locally, regionally and nationally,” said Tony Rothermich, Mercy Hospital Lincoln administrator. “We are glad to have a part in vaccinating the Toyota workforce, helping them create a safer, healthier workplace.”