Sugar Grove Growers

Bob Theobald, left, and his wife, Alana Fravell, are co-owners of Sugar Grove Growers. The business recently announced it is leaving its long-time location on East Cherry Street to a new location around the corner on South Lincoln Drive.

After 34 years of being located on East Cherry Street, the owners of Sugar Grove Growers are happy to announce they are moving to a new location on South Lincoln Drive, just around the corner. 

“We have decided that we want to create a more of an open-air market experience for our customers,” Alana Fravell, one of Sugar Grove’s owners said. 

For the last 41 years, customers within the community have been loyal to buying their produce, flowers, vegetables, spices - and more from Sugar Grove Growers. 

“We know that change can be hard for a lot of people, but we want our customers to know that we are still here,” Fravell said. 

This new location will also bring an expanded selection and many surprises in the work. Although there are a lot of new changes coming from Sugar Grove Growers, they are still open for the holiday season and encouraging customers to come shop for something - and someone - special.

 “We have our famous chocolate turtles, sweet and salty peanut clusters, candy plates - and so much more,” the Theobald family said. 

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 “We love our customers and want them to still support and shop with us,” Fravell said.