When a business is seasonal the owners need to be creative in finding other professional services to offer  during the off season.  Local business owners, Jeremy and Candice Steen, have done just that.  

Not only do the Steen’s own and operate a Power Washing business, they will now offer Christmas Lighting Service as well as snow removal in the colder months.  

The goal of any business is to produce as much revenue as possible, so by adding the lighting installation not only will that generate revenue,  it  will allow their  team to work further  into the year.   

In mid-September the Steen’s went to Dallas, Texas to be certified through Christmas Light Installation Pros Association, (CLIPA) to be able to offer this service.  The course consisted of rigorous CLIPA training, passing testing requirements and proof of experience.  The lighting service will offer  All Inclusive packages that include, design and planning, professional installation, ongoing maintenance, end of season breakdown and storage.  Which includes roof line packages, ridgeline packages, trees, bushes and wreaths.

While working full time at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, Jeremy decided to take the leap, and started Steen’s Power Washing in April of 2008 with one truck and a power washer.   Jeremy explained, “ When I started my business, I was just looking for something on the side to do and police work wasn’t what it used to be.”   After a  few months he did a little research and learned about soft washing, and decided to upgrade his equipment to this process.  Soft washing is the recommended washing style of all types of siding on a home.  It is a process that guarantees the cleaning and sanitizing of the exterior of a home, using low pressure and environmentally safe detergents.  Steen’s  soft wash system  involves spraying the exterior of the home with cleansers and water, which will eliminate all mold, mildew, algae, and any other type of unwanted substances.  

Fast forward to now, and the business consists of two trucks and trailers, employees,  and a new full time job for Jeremy.  Business was booming and he tried working both jobs, but in February of this year he left the sheriff’s department, choosing to run his business full time.  These last six months the company has been busy, servicing customers six days a week and tallying about 25 homes a week.  The Steen’s are most proud of their 89 Five Star Reviews and realize that their hard work has paid off.  They added, “Our primary professional focus is about helping customers drastically improve the visual aesthetics for the outside of their homes or businesses.”

Being so busy has allowed Candice to also help with the business paperwork, calls to prospective customers, and occasionally an assistant on the job with Jeremy, while working her full time job as Banking Center Manager at Providence Bank.  Steen’s Power Washing  serves Lincoln, Pike, St. Charles, and St. Louis Counties, with their busiest area being the O’Fallon area.  Anyone interested in any of the professional services offered by the Steen’s visit the website at steenswashing.com or call 636-358-0017.