Bonny Harrell and Val Olsen

Bonny Harrell and Val Olsen

The Elsberry Medicine Shoppe  Pharmacy recently announced the official retirements of Val Olsen and Bonny Harrell.  

Harrell officially retired on July 31 after 14 years of distinguished service.  She started her tenure in March of 2007, just prior to moving to the new location at 106A Broadway.

Olsen retired prior to 2020 following almost 30 years of service. She started at the pharmacy in December of 1993 while it was located at 302 Broadway Street.  

“We would like to thank both Val and Bonny for their tireless service to the pharmacy and to the community,” said Elsberry Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy owners the Callahan’s.

Jerry Callahan stated that he has worked with Olsen since purchasing the pharmacy in 2001, and has always admired her genuine concern for the patrons at the pharmacy and the service she provided to the community.  

“There are too many occasions to count where Val went out of her way to help out one of our customers with a special need or request,” said Jerry. 

“While Harrell’s job description was customer service and front end management, she also helped to make sure our patients’ prescription needs were taken care of,” said Jerry.

They have positively touched the lives and hearts of so many, and both were definitely a tremendous asset to the pharmacy.

“They both will be missed, although not forgotten and still present occasionally at the pharmacy,” stated Jerry. “We wish them health and happiness as they continue with their new careers - retirement.”