C Henry

Missouri native Cynthia Henry has returned home after years away to helm The Lincoln County Journal as its new publisher.

Henry is coming from Texas to join the Lakeway Publishers, Inc. team in Missouri and has settled in Troy.

“Lincoln County has shown itself to be a fantastic, welcoming community,” Henry said. “I am looking forward to getting to know all its communities, from Elsberry to Hawk Point, and to learning what matters to our readers, businesses and schools.”

Originally from Centralia, Missouri, for a large part of her career Henry worked within the media world in Texas in variety of roles. 

She started from the ground level, working as a switchboard operator and handling classified ads and billing at The Weatherford Democrat. 

Throughout her career, she climbed through all types of positions in the industry, learning the ins and outs of working at a small-town newspaper. 

From page designer to production manager, and finally to publisher and founder of a monthly magazine aimed at Texas seniors, Henry has the understanding of the responsibility required to operate a newspaper in a small, close-knit community like Lincoln County.

 “The Journal provides an important service to the area, something no other source will do for Lincoln County,” Henry said. “We cover the big projects being undertaken by the local municipalities. We report on changes to your garbage rates. We bring you news about the students in Winfield, Elsberry, Silex and Troy that have excelled in academics, we are at your local sporting events and we stay on top of major issues that impact the entire county. From the largest stories to the smallest, we focus on covering the things that impact our readers’ daily lives.”

Cathi Utley, Manager of the Lakeway Publishers South newspaper group, is honored to have Henry join the Lakeway news team.

“We are looking forward to Cynthia bringing back The Lincoln County Journal that everyone remembers from years ago: a newspaper that is an integral part of the community,” Utley said.

Over her time in the business, Henry said one of the things she’s learned to value is being open and approachable to the community. 

“If anyone ever has feedback, suggestions or knows of important issues worth attention, my direct email is chenry@lincolncountyjournal.com,” Henry said. “The Journal’s staff has always worked hard to serve the area, and I want aid that by being an extra link from our office to the cities we work for.”