Martin Contractors

Mike, Aaron, and Nick Martin of Eolia pause for a smile during their busy work day.

Could it be true that big surprises can indeed be found in small spaces?  Martin General Contractors of Eolia can definitely answer that question in the affirmative.

From among the seven contracting firms submitting bids, the City of O’Fallon has awarded the Martin men (Mike, Aaron, and Nick) a mega-project that will access a budget of $5,395,000. 

Even though the group is plenty busy with 15 other less extensive projects, this sixteenth project is projected to take a full year for completion.  Hundreds of days will be invested in purchasing materials from qualified suppliers, coordinating personnel at each stage of the process, and supervising workmanship to guarantee maximum quality.

At various stages of the task, the work entails building five new structures to house the water processing machinery, as well as renovating the city’s well systems at two of the locations.

Paging through the Martins’ plans for completion of all stages clarifies that multitudes of hours have already been contributed to the outcome.  An incredible 112 pages of graphs, rosters, and descriptions were produced for the bid that was submitted in June 2019.

Obviously, information about the construction plans of the project can’t possibly be squeezed into a brief newspaper article.  However, taking a peek at some specific figures demonstrates the magnitude of the task.

Take a look at some astounding examples:  The pumps are designed to treat 700 gallons of water per minute.  One day’s worth of water flowing through treatment totals one million gallons.  The heft of just one ion vessel, used during processing, weighs in at about 10,000 pounds.  The electrical work budget alone adds up to a staggering 1.4 million dollars, as proposed in the originally submitted bid.

‘What a phenomenal undertaking for three talented fellows stashed away in a narrow office in the small village of Eolia.  The inevitable outcome is that, in one year’s time, O’Fallonites will enjoy the fruits (and the clean water) of the Martins’ labor.