Behlmann Automotive

Behlmann Automotive in Troy recently celebrated its five-year anniversary. Owned by Dan Behlmann and Doug Kohnen, the pair have watched their business grow in Lincoln County, and are committed to the community.

Over the last five years, Behlmann Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership on Turnbull Trail in Troy has flourished into a successful business. 

This establishment first opened back in 2015 and only had about 20 full-time employees. 

Within the last few years, owners Doug Kohnen and Dan Behlmann have been able to expand the business by providing 50-plus more jobs, providing Saturday service at the GMC store, expand the body shop and service at GMC and plan to have Saturday service at the Chrysler store later in 2021. 

“We want to see our businesses continue to grow and be able to continue to supply jobs for the community,” Dan Behlmann said. 

“Our goals and values are still the same and we are continuing to reach for them,” Kohnen said. 

Behlmann and Kohnen have been in not only the business for a long, but they have been in Lincoln County for a long time as well. 

“We know the area, love the community, make donations to local business as well as supporting them, and hoping to continue our legacy,” the duo said. The duo said Behlmann Automotive is dedicated and committed to the community and the surrounding counties.  

“Our goal is to keep up the growth of Behlmann Automotive and continue to go after our goals.” Behlmann said.