Looking back, it’s a wonder I’m still alive and kicking. But here I am – a woman of AARP age with minimal physical scarring and only slight psychological aftereffects to show for the bad choices I made early in life.

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In the past year alone, the Lincoln County Council on Aging (LCCOA) has served 75,000 meals, of which 46,000 were delivered to those that were home-bound, and more than 25,000 were unpaid.


When Brandon Altman found out his senior season with Winfield High School’s baseball team could be wiped out due to the COVID-19 outbreak, devastation was only one of the emotions he felt rushing through him.

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Building on Missouri’s efforts to control, contain, and combat COVID-19, Governor Mike Parson late Friday afternoon issued a statewide “Stay Home Missouri” Order, effective starting at 12:01 a.m. Monday, April 6, and lasting until 11:59 p.m. Friday, April 24.

When Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security, or CARES, Act last week, most of the focus went to the $1,200 checks expected to be sent to individuals nationwide in the coming weeks.

As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the state and the nation, lawmakers and the governor are urging Missourians to take the proper precautions to help protect the health and safety of all citizens. Missourians are currently under a statewide order issued by the Department of He…

I try to keep the inside of my car clean. But I’ve got a lot ‘o livin’ to do, and I do most of it there,

Continuing its mission to upgrade its tech, Winfield’s Police Department recently acquired a three-in-one solution that will act as officers’ body cameras and on-duty phones, as well as the wireless hotspot in their patrol cars. 

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Missouri Gov. Mike Parson has signed an executive order to begin mobilizing the Missouri National Guard to assist in the state’s COVID-19 response efforts.

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Two positive cases of the novel coronavirus have been reported in Lincoln County; both were announced on March 26. One patient is travel-related, is a resident of Lincoln County and is in their 40s, the Lincoln County Health Department (LCHD) said in a press release. 

Like schools across the Country, Elsberry Schools have done what is necessary to keep their teachers, staff and students safe.  In the wake of the COVID-19 Outbreak the doors are  closed through April 3, with students expected to return April 6.

The City of Elsberry announced Monday that all late-fees pertaining to city utilities (water, sewer and trash) will be suspended until further notice. Also, all disconnections on utilities will be suspended until further notice.

The country, state and local counties are treating the coronavirus pandemic more seriously every day, as governmental groups enact stricter contingencies to curtail the spread of the virus, and as people really start getting the hang of this social distancing thing. Bad news is, lots of thin…

I heard recently heard this perspective about what’s going on in our world today, and I though I’d share with you.  

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A medical provider who works at Mercy facilities in Troy and Washington tested positive for COVID-19 on March 21, prompting a reaction from the hospital to handle the situation.

Part of growing older is admitting it is happening. I struggle with this. Inside, I’m 30 years old. 


Aiming to replace decades-old equipment and fire trucks, the Hawk Point Fire Protection District has placed an item on the June 2 Municipal Election ballot proposing a tax increase called Proposition CS, or Community Safety. 


An executive order from Governor Mike Parson has postponed the April 7 Municipal Election for the whole state, pushing the date back until June 2.


The Lincoln County Commission has declared a formal State of Emergency for the area as testing continues and local precautions against the novel coronavirus increase.

There are lots of musicians in the world that play and perform various genres of music, but for native Elsberrian Ryan Mills, he is a rocker, through-and-through.  

The St. Charles County Department of Public Health was alerted to the county’s first positive test for the novel coronavirus early last week. The case is travel-related, according to a press release from the county, and the patient has been quarantined at home. Over the weekend, two more pos…

If you’ve been feeling scared, nervous or even a little freaked out lately, you are among millions of other people in that same boat. The word “pandemic” certainly doesn’t seem to do much other than to exacerbate everyone’s level of concern over the coronavirus. 

This is not necessarily my view on everything that’s going on, but this is what has come out of the capitol and I thought I would share with you all. 

I brought flowers to Mom this week. Springtime stems of forsythia, dogwood and lilac. It’s too early for the real thing – but silk is fine.

There are many facets to the supports available at Community Opportunities. All supports are individualized to meet the unique needs of each client. Many individuals who receive supports from Community Opportunities receive less than 10 hours per week through our Community Skills department.…


A family member of three students in the Lincoln County R-III School District has been tested for COVID-19. Those test results have not yet been received, a statement from the school district said, but the family has taken precautions and has self-isolated. The students in the family attend …

When I was in the sixth-grade, Mom made me a promise: If I got straight A’s that semester, she’d get me a dog.

It used to be referred to by a full noun. TELEPHONE. Sometimes “phone.” Never “cell.” We had telephones in our houses, connected to our walls or sitting on tables. Usually, there was only one; some fancier families had an extension.

For the first year since it began, the 5K Run/Walk to benefit the Jillian Young Foundation will be moving from Elsberry to Troy, with the hopes that the change in location will bring larger crowds to support the foundation’s goals. 

Foley’s Baptist Church celebrated its members’ successful reconstruction efforts on Feb. 23, following months of challenges and work to tear out damaged portions of the building and restore the venerable old house of God.