For more than a quarter of a century one man was responsible for the raising and lowering of the United States flag that sits at the opening of the City of Elsberry cemetery. 

That man, Barneal “Barney” Morris, was recognized for his remarkable efforts and accomplishments with a Missouri House of Representives Resolution that was presented to him at a Special Session of the Board of Alderman meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 18.

On hand to present him with the resolution, was Rep. Randy Pietzman. Pietzman also gave Morris two flags from his personal collection, a U.S. Flag and a Missouri State Flag, both of which had previously flown over the state capitol in Jefferson City.

Morris, a retired employee of the City of Elsberry, started raising and lowering the flag at the Elsberry City Cemetery  on Jan. 3, 1994 and did so every day until Sept. 26, 2019, when he could not physically do it any longer due to health reasons.

Morris was also recognized for keeping every retired flag from the cemetery and having them flown over his home.

Morris stated he was “very honored and was very proud of his new treasures.”

Many of Morris’ family, friends and former co-workers were on hand to be a part of the celebration.