Keller and his dog

Cesar Keller and one of his two Huskies, Chico “Moose” Keller

Without warning last spring, millions of parents found themselves working from home under the same roof as their kids simultaneously attempted to do schoolwork. 

Cesar Keller has been working from home since 2013. 

“Remote work and managing creative designers and programmers have been something I’ve been doing since early 2000s,” said Keller  

Having a dedicated office at home that can keep with all his needs has been extremely important for good productivity during the pandemic. He was able to manage the chaos of multiple kids learning virtually, and yet stay fresh and creative at the same time at his job.

Keller’s current office consists of two main workspaces.  Both stations have dual monitors so he can have several applications open at once to manage digital production needs from project management to engineering management, to creating or coding applications.  

Communication is key in this digital age, so having great sound systems and microphone setups allow him to have clear video calls for important meetings. And his state-of-the-art sound system allows him to have inspiring music in the background of his office to be able to relax and yet concentrate on work.   

Keller believes ‘if you work hard, you have to play hard too”.  

So, he has a nice putting green that allows him to sink a few putts between hard work sessions. He’s even brought a similar set up to his main office in Creve Coeur to share.

Keller has two huskies, and one of them (Chico “Moose” Keller) is always by his side.   He’s been known to video bomb meetings and talk in the background while online sessions were going on. His work team knows his furry friend well and he’s a great office companion. 

In Keller’s eyes, there’s something to be said about working from home to enjoy greater productivity, flexibility and health all under one roof. It just takes a little planning and creativity.