The easiest way to burn a bunch of calories ahead of Thanksgiving Dinner will return to Troy in the morning on Nov. 28.

The local Turkey Trot, which starts at Bonfils Auditorium Thanksgiving morning, is a 5k run with an option for a 1.25 mile walk for those just looking to stretch their legs. 

“It’s a very family-oriented event,” said Heather Graham. “We have little ones and we have older folks do this particular event, so we make sure there’s a shorter distance for people that aren’t as active, or if the weather is bad that they can participate but kind of get back to shelter quickly.” 

Turnout is usually pretty good – depending on the weather. Graham said there’s been as many as 500 and as few as 180, but registration is always strong for the Turkey Trot.

The event has been a holiday staple for Troy for fourteen years, and Graham said it’s just become tradition to organize it every year. 

“Right now, it’s tradition, and there are so many people that have come year after year after year that it’s a tradition in their own family,” Graham said. 

It’s the 14th year for the Turkey Trot, but will be the first time the event will collect food for the Lincoln County R-III School District’s Buddy Bags program, which provides students who need it with food for the weekend. 

Entrants typically pay a registration fee and also must donate a food item to join in the late-November fun.

Previously the event benefited the Bread For Life Food Pantry, but as a thank-you to the District for letting the event utilize Bonfils, Buddy Bags will the focus of the event’s regular food donation drive. 

“We’ve had very positive feedback about Buddy Bags,” Graham said. Food donations that Buddy Bags looks for include: Poptarts, Jello cups, diced fruit, cans of pasta, cans of beans, granola/cereal bars, peanut butter crackers, cheese crackers, saltine crackers, soup, tuna, applesauce, pudding cups, fruit snacks and peanut butter. 

“I hope that with the Christmas vacation, when the kids are home for so many days, that this will be a blessing to the district and those kiddos who get Buddy Bags, that they are taken care of,” Graham said. 

In addition to the food drive, the run also supports the Lincoln County Community Band.

“It’s been a good event, a fun event and a helpful event for both the band and whoever we’re collecting food for,” Graham said.  

The race begins at 8:15 a.m., lineup is at 8 a.m. Pre-race registration is at 7 a.m. at Bonfils. 





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