Josh, Marsha & Ebony Partners in Policy Making graduation .jpg

Direct Support Professional, Marsha Sowell; participant, Josh Cirincione and Office Assistant, Ebony Linneman.

Partners in Policymaking is a leadership training program for adults with disabilities and parents of children with developmental disabilities. The program teaches leadership skills and techniques to develop positive partnerships with elected officials, school personnel and other individuals who make policy decisions about services individuals with disabilities and/or their families use. 

To become a Partners in Policymaking graduate, selected participants attend eight two-day sessions over an eight-month period. Participants complete homework assignments as well as one major project. Josh Cirincione of Troy participated in the program and became a Partners in Policymaking graduate – the first person in Lincoln County to participate in and graduate from this program. 

“Partners in Policymaking was a fascinating experience, with a lot of twists and turns emotionally and mentally,” Cirincione said. “I wasn’t sure what to expect and if I would enjoy my time there. It turned out to be a positive experience. Some courses would make me sad with the information presented to me and other times the information would make me mad, most times it would make me go ‘wow.’ Whatever it was, all of it was eye-opening. With the information that I learned, I will be better able understand information presented to me and advocate for myself. It also gave me the knowledge to stand up for fellow disabled individuals. I really enjoyed myself the past eight months. And it also made me learn to try new things, you never know what to expect.”

Cirincione’s major project is working with the City Of Troy to install a sidewalk from Opportunity Court to the Victory Lane convenience store on South Main. Josh is concerned for the safety of the people who want to go to the convenience store from Earthwise Industries and those who live in the area. Josh met with Mayor Mark Cross (prior to his retirement) to discuss the project. 

Josh receives supports from Community Opportunities. Please call (636) 462-7695 if you are interested in services for people with developmental disabilities or visit