TBHS Formal.jpg

The 2020 Winter Formal King and Queen, Maxwell Gessert (second from left) and Shelby Williams (left).

On Saturday Feb. 15, Troy Buchanan High School and the Ninth Grade Center hosted the Winter Formal dance, the second student dance hosted in the school year. 

“I went to Winter Formal because it’s my senior year and I want to make memories,” senior Lexi Lemmon said. “My favorite part was dancing with the skills kids.” 

The dance brings the students together and gives them a safe and fun space to enjoy time with their peers while dancing to some of the top hits. 

“My best memory was towards the end when I got to see all my friends from freshman year and we all caught up with each other,” senior Kelsey Evans said. 

The dance is chaperoned by staff members who greet the students and ensure that they are safe throughout the night. Some of the students’ favorite part of the dance is being able to see their favorite teacher be so happy to see them and interacting with them throughout the night. 

“I would say the best thing is when Mrs. Hosmer was super happy to see us,” junior Serrina Passch said. Students go to Winter Formal for a lot of different reasons and have a range of things that they like the most about the night, from the DJ playing their favorite band to dressing up with their friends to even just being able to see those around them happy and having fun.