After postponing spirit week, Elsberry High School students were able to have it last week even though they missed a day due to the weather.  


Hippie Day Winners

To start off the week, Monday was hippie day; it was followed by, Color Wars on Tuesday. Thursday was TV Commercial day, while on Friday students could either do Rock/Rapper/Country or Red and White day since school was not in session on Wednesday.

Students capped the week off by having an all school pep rally on Friday afternoon featuring the cheerleaders, marching band and some games played by the girls and boys basketball team members.

Great anticipation for who won the weeks activities also happens at the pep rally. Going into the final judging event of decorating the walls in the gym, the sophomore and senior classes were tied; because of their great artistic skills the seniors took the title.

Hippie Day winners: Madison Leckbee and Morgan Jones, first; Alex LoGrasso, second; Nick Stone, third; and Scooby Doo Group, fourth.

Color Wars winners: Lauryn Eberhart, pink eraser, first; Pumpkin Patch, second, Pink Power, third; and Construction workers and Jail Birds, fourth.

TV Commercial Day: Jack in the Box, first; Publishers Clearing House, second; Energizer Bunny, third; and Santa and M&M’s, fourth.

Music Day winners: Devo, first; Tekashi, second; Taylor Swift, third; and Slash, fourth.

Red and White Day winners: Alex LoGrasso, first; Red and White Rock Band, second; Minnie Mouse, third; and Twinning, fourth.

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