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Dana Harris, MAFCE President from Fulton, Missouri, presenting Ryland Jensen with her first place award on the 4th Grade Artwork/Essay Contest on “Trustworthiness.” 

Rylan Jensen, a fourth grader at Silex Elementary, won first place in the fourth grade Artwork/Essay Contest at the Missouri Association of Family and Community Education East Central District Spring Meeting. The first place award was presented to her by Dana Harris, MAFCE President from Fulton, Missouri, on May 7 in Montgomery City. 

Rylan also won First Place in the East Central District, and that award was presented to her by Co-Directors Vivian Cody and Ramona Irvine. Her entry is on the way to compete at the NAFCE level.

The MAFCE East Central Meeting began at 9:30 a.m., hosted by Montgomery County, at the Lions Club Building in Montgomery City. Montgomery County was hostess for the day, and they decorated with May Flowers. The theme was “Star Gazing,” and Ramona Irvine opened the meeting with a Star Gazing History Lesson. 

MAFCE East Central District Co-Directors Vivian Cody and Ramona Irvine presided at the meeting. 

The Pledge of Allegiance to the USA/MO Flags was led by Lincoln County, as well as the Club Collect. 

Elsie Cope, President of Montgomery County FCE Council, gave the welcome. Ruth Mellor from Saint Charles County gave the Thought for the Day. Vivian Cody introduced the  MAFCE Officers: Harris, and Mary Kloproth from Jackson, Missouri. 

Harris gave a program on “Star Gazing,” which mentioned no matter how small the star, it’s light will shine with the rest, to make our communities a better place to live. Mary Klopworth gave a program on MAFCE events coming up. Missouri will host the NAFCE meeting in Saint Louis at the Mariott St. Louis Air Port Hotel, from July 18-22.  MAFCE Conference in Jefferson City, Aug. 25-28, at the Capitol Plaza Hotel and the theme will be “Reaching for the Stars.”

Katherine Wilson, Lincoln County, gave the invocation for lunch, which was fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, cold slaw and dessert. 

After lunch everyone enjoyed “Simply Strings” Duclimer music. They asked for volunteers to play in their band and Mary Lou Thompson, Nancy Lacey and Rylan Jensen from Lincoln County Volunteered  to play a song or two.

East Central District will be testing “Sausage” recipes later in May. 

Oct. 2, will be the Fall East Central District Meeting, hosted by Saint Charles County, held at the Saint Charles Extension Center in Saint Peters. 

Roll Call was answered by the County Presidents and they gave a report of the work they have done since last October 2018. 

Elsie Cope for Montgomery County and they had three people at the meeting, Ruth Mellor for Saint Charles County and they had two people at the meeting, and Vivian Cody for Lincoln County and they had six people at the meeting. 

Others from Lincoln County were Dorothy Cody. Each county brought two door prizes and they were given out during the meeting.


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