On Saturday, Sept. 21 the River Hills Farmers Market will host the Midwest Fall Poultry Fest. 

The festival begins at 7:30 a.m. at Central Elevator in Silex. This event is open to all farmers, growers, poultry and small stockbreeders in Eastern Missouri

The theme is ”Selection and Breeding for More Profit from the Farm Flock.”  

A variety of traditional poultry breeds for the farm, exhibition stock and marketing methods that should bring better birds to the region will be on display. For those interested, the Hogan Method for evaluating laying stock will be available. Event participants from Lincoln, Pike, Ralls, Montgomery and Audrain counties are already listed. Festival-goers will also be able to enjoy items from our Farmers Market.

Butter and egg money were once vital to the financial well being of many Missourians. 

The brown-shelled egg is again emerging as an important and defining food item. 

Please come and join family farmers working to bring farm fresh egg production to the region.

There are no admission or vendor fees, though donations will be appreciated. For more information please call (660) 998-0445 or (636) 697-3447.


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