Grace Rhodes

Troy, Mo. - Lincoln County had to wait a little longer than usual to crown a new Fair Queen.

Like everywhere else, the novel coronavirus pandemic shut down most local and national events – and the Lincoln County Fair was no different. 

However, everything has gone back to normal, and on July 10 at the Bonfils Auditorium, a new queen was crowned, with Troy’s Grace Rhodes taking the honors.

2019 Fair Queen Emma Ruether passed the crown on to Rhodes, who will represent Lincoln County throughout the year at events.

Silex’s Lexi Plackemeier was named first runner-up, and will be the representative should Rhodes be unavailable.

Makayla Schneider, also of Silex, was named second runner-up. She also won Miss Congeniality. 

Old Monroe’s Chloe Kaimann and Elsberry’s Emma Brushwood were also contestants in the pageant.

Troy’s Eva Roth won the talent competition at the pageant for her song “Footprints.” 

Landon Schieffer was crowned the Little Mister Lincoln County, and Isabelle Myers was named Little Miss Lincoln County. 

All participated in the Lincoln County Parade, which was held in downtown Troy on July 11.