The Discovery Family Channel airs a show named Too Cute, where viewers watch a generous eyeful of puppies and kittens playing before the camera.  

The critters’ directors might be quite surprised to learn that they have been thoroughly bested in the Too Cute category by the annual New Life Christian Church performance.

On Sunday, Dec. 8, at 7 p.m., children and their families presented a Christmas musical pageant that created miles of smiles among those in attendance.

Eolia church

Madonna and child (Kayla Peine and son Clint) took center stage as the choir sang a fitting song about Christ’s birth.

Without a doubt, the Christmas message served as the focus of the evening.  Choir members performed several numbers that spoke to the heart of the production.  The costume creators had carefully crafted designs with great skill and expert handiwork.  The Magi and the mini-Magi (several fathers and sons included) presented gifts to the Christ child.  The young shepherds with staffs in hand paid homage to the Child and his parents.  Similarly, a bevy of angels wore their halos and feathered wings with grace.

The kids truly stole the show with their enthusiastic singing, as well as their signing one of the songs.  Audience members got a kick out of the smallest kids in their costumes as sheep, a donkey, a dog, and a camel (complete with requisite hump).  Youngsters typically have a tough time sitting still through a play, and Sunday’s event provided the same challenge.  The wiggles, whispers, and rearranging of halos and hats that mimicked the various animals added measurably to the enjoyment. Thus the Too Cute Award was very fittingly earned.

However, the show-stopper of the evening came forward on the stage comfortably resting in the arms of his mother, Kayla Peine, who gave her son (little Clint Peine) plenty to observe with his eyes wide with wonder at the activity all around him.  He unknowingly impressed the audience with a subtle message that the story of Christmas will always be that of an innocent infant, complete with legs and arms energetically moving toward a future open to great promise and meaning.

Pastor Nathan Adams offered a brief talk about the value of celebrating the season, and the choir and audience sang several carols together as the program ended.  Refreshments and genuine wishes for a Merry Christmas followed the program.  

Everyone certainly looks forward to the New Life Christian Church program that will likely be presented this time next year. Chances are that the performance will do exceedingly well in the Too Cute category once again.