Troy, Mo. - Those that celebrate the holiday know the desire to give their children the perfect Christmas. One that is filled with lights, music, decorations and of course presents. 

For many families, however, Christmas is a heavy financial strain leaving many to worry and wonder how they will be able to give their children a nice Christmas.

This is where Anchored Hope Church is stepping in. On Saturday, Nov. 6 they held their Affordable Christmas Volleyball Tournament in partnership with Sugarfire in Wentzville. The tournament’s proceeds went towards the Affordable Christmas Shop.

The Affordable Christmas Shop will allow parents to shop for new gifts that will be discounted by 90%. This will allow parents to shop for Christmas gifts without worrying about how they are going to afford it. 

“Its our way to allow these parents and these families to be empowered and to have dignity and to be able to, here in this difficult time, still shop for their kids and provide them with Christmas,” said Michael Davis of Anchored Hope Church.

Anchored Hope Church raised $2,000 at the event, which puts a significant dent into their goal of $15,000 for the Affordable Christmas Shop.

The Affordable Christmas Shop will be held Dec. 11.

“We’re going to have our schools invite under-resourced families to come out and shop for their kids,” Davis explained.

To donate or learn more about this event, please visit