Brian Brown

Brian Brown

As the 2019-20 school year is starting up, a new principal at Troy Buchanan High School will be stepping into place. Taking on the job will be Brian Brown, who formerly worked at Knox County High School in Edina, Missouri. He graduated from Centralia High School went on to attend Truman State University and obtained his Master’s degree from William Woods University. This will be Brown’s first year as head principal, taking over from Dr. Jerry Raines, who had been working in Troy R-III School District for twenty-five years.

Q – What can the Troy R-III School District and Troy Buchanan High School look forward to this year?

Brown – “I think this is a great time for the community and Troy R-III especially with Proposition KIDS being passed. We have been able to work on things within and outside of the school, one big project has been the new performance field that we can use for our extracurricular activities as well as our daily classes. Inside the building we have done sort of a facelift, with new LED lights and new bleachers in the gymnasium which will replace the ones that have been there since the school was built. With the help of Prop KIDS and support of the community we have been able to help the school in many aspects.” 

Q – What changes can we see coming this school year?

Brown – “Most of the cosmetic changes were decided before I had come to the district, but I plan to have a very consistent leadership throughout the school year. I have been very impressed with the staff so far. I just moved in to my office on July 1 and the staff is back in the building so I am learning the process around here. There is great staff, great kids and it is going to be a great year.” 

Q – What interested you in Troy to come and work at TBHS? 

Brown – “With a school this size there are so many opportunities for students. Coming from a small school to Troy there are so many more organizations for the students. We have great academic success through the partnership of Missouri Baptist University to offer dual credit classes. Overall it is just a great community to live and work in.” 

Q – What are you looking forward to this school year?

Brown – “Learning. This has been a huge transition for me and I have enjoyed learning to be a leader for the staff and the students. Dr. Raines built a very solid foundation and I plan to continue to build upon that base. I am excited for the school year to start and can not wait to see what this year brings for TBHS.” 

Q – Is there anything you would like to add before the start of the school year?

Brown – I am thankful to be able to work in such a great community that cares about their kids with the passing of proposition KIDS. TBHS is ready to start the school year and welcome it’s students on Tuesday.” 

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