Chloe Momphard gives the 2019 Little Mr. Lincoln County Fair, Garret Schieffer, his “crown.” Photo by Nick Skoda

Chloe Momphard, the 2018 Lincoln County Fair Queen, took her talents to this year’s Missouri State Fair – and won.

Momphard grew up in Troy, graduating from Troy Buchanan in 2018.

“Growing up, I was involved in 4-H. I showed sheep, did shooting sports. In FFA, I took an office and competed on a couple of contest teams,” Momphard said.

She said that even though she didn’t grow up on a farm, she was often helping out at her grandfather’s farm, where he raised cattle and tended row crops, and she found her place in the agricultural community.

The State Fair Queen Pageant is similar to the local fair pageant, in that the contestants compete in and are judged based upon a speech or talent portion, an evening gown portion and an interview portion.

After the judging has concluded, a top ten of contestants is selected and they are each asked a final question.

Momphard went with the speech option instead of the talent option.

“My speech was about women in agriculture, and how the roles have changed over the past sixty years and what they are going to look like in the future, as we are becoming more vital and our roles are becoming more prevalent in agriculture,” Momphard said.

Momphard won all three competitions, the speech/talent portion, the evening gown portion and the interview and made it in to the final 10 contestants.

The final question that the judges asked her was along the lines of “what are we doing in agriculture and what do we do in the future to continue promoting our industry? What are new ideas that can be brought to the table?”

“I talked about how the Missouri State fair is the largest agricultural exposition for Missouri and we can continue to promote it on social media and celebrate what we’ve done in the past versus what we are doing now in the present and will do in the future to continue increasing our yields and feeding the nation, but also the world. Also tying in women and passing what we do on to the next generation and educating them is going to be very important as well,” Momphard said.

Going into the competition, Momphard said that she just wanted to do well, make herself proud, and that she had no idea she might go on to win the thing.

“It was pretty unbelievable and very unexpected,” Momphard said. “I was hoping that I would do well, but I definitely did not expect to win or win all three categories that I competed in. But having the county’s support behind me was really amazing. Seeing that everyone was happy for me and proud of me, but also that they were proud to know that the county that the queen is from is so agriculturally based and that it is still part of our roots.

“It is really hard to put into words how unbelievably amazing that experience was and having everybody behind me, to support me: I was speechless. Having all of the people there, having all of the messages sent in was incredible.”

Momphard is currently a sophomore animal science major at the University of Missouri and plans on becoming a veterinarian.

“I have grown up around animals and so it just made sense for me. Also, I’ve grown up involved in agriculture and that was sort of a way for me to tie myself to agriculture without being involved in the production side or the business side. I enjoy working with animals and I enjoy the science and the problem-solving that goes along with it, so it just seemed to be where I found my niche. From the time I was four years old until I was 16 years old, working at the vet clinic and I haven’t changed my mind yet. I just enjoy it,” Momphard said

The responsibilities of being the State Fair Queen can vary, depending on what is going on and what the queen can make it to with their busy schedule.

While at the fair, the queen attends the events, dinners, sponsor presentations and then throughout the year the queen can attend any fairs, events or exhibitions they are invited to.

“To all of my mentors, my ag advisors, parents – they were a huge help in getting me ready for this. If I ever needed or had a couple questions, they were always willing to either help me find the answer or work through it with me. The State Fair as a whole was an experience that I was honored to be able to experience. I was honored to be able to serve as queen this year. This summer has been crazy so far and this is going to be a year I never forget,” Momphard said. “That’s for sure.”

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