Model T Fords were the mode of transportation in 1929.

They had one troubling characteristic though: many flat tires!

Many a Home Demonstration Agent had to fix a tire on their way to a FCE club meeting, to give a demonstration on a new product that just came out. One demonstration was how to make a feather bed better!

These comments were made by Ramona irvine, who gave a virtual tour of MAFCE during the years of 1900-2002.

The monthly meeting of the Spring Creek Busy Bodies and Millwood Culture Association for Family & Community Clubs was held on Jan. 9, at the Lincoln County Extension Center, in Troy, Missouri. Vivian Cody was hostess for the day and she brought in Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Trimmings for all to enjoy, at an 11:30 a.m. lunch hour!

Roll Call was: What is your pet peeve? Vivian Cody had the thought for the day, which was no thought for the day! Lois King, treasurer, gave the treasurer’s report, and Ramona Irvine presided over the meeting. 2019 Club Program of Books were given to everyone. South Korea is the International Country for FCE Clubs to study and learn about this year.

Plans were made to help Lincoln County FCE Council host their awards ceremony for the Lincoln County fourth grader who wins the Artwork/Essay Contest on Trustworthiness! Each fourth grader drew a picture of what Trustworthiness means to them and then wrote an essay about the picture. The essay had to be at least 50 words. The awards will be given out Feb. 6, at the Lincoln County Extension Center, 2 p.m.. Peggy Jost is chairman of this program. FCE members are encouraged to bring Books for Newborns to this meeting.

Door prizes were won by Dorothy Cody and Betty Wray.

Nancy Lacey was our guest and eleven FCE members attended the meeting.

–Ramona Irvine, 

Extension Center

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