As we here at Life Restoration Center approach our seventh birthday, we have found ourselves looking back over our history. Our building, which was once a place where combines and tractors of all sizes could be found broken down and ready to be made new; our founder, whose heart has always gone out to those in search of safety and dignity; and finally, our impact on the community around us. 

Steve Graham, the tractor mechanic who once brought farm equipment into new life inside these walls and the father of Life Restoration Center’s founder Samantha, could often be heard saying, “Farmers are the most important people to know.” 

He often proved this belief with his customers. The farmers and owners of the tractors he worked on could often be found sitting in his office on the white pleather couch that was so iconic of Steve’s Farm Repair. They would sit and talk with Steve and his wife Muriel for hours, and they would talk about all kinds of things. Farming and tractors, of course, but also about what was going on in their families. 

Relationships, trust and respect were built within these walls and after 25 years in business, Steve retired and passed on the mantel of building relationships and trust in this building to his daughter, Samantha Graham-Douglas. 

This mantel included the iconic white couch, which can still be found in our office today.

Long before Samantha had aspirations of becoming a counselor or began putting into place her vision for Life Restoration Center, she was already impacting the community by building relationships and providing a safe haven for youth in our area. In 1993, Samantha and her husband Rusty opened the Teen Center on Main Street in Troy. 

This was a safe place for adolescents in the community to come and be themselves. 

This is where Samantha received her inspiration for becoming a counselor and working to change the lives in our community for the better. 

In 2004, Samantha made a first major step toward reaching her dream: she received her Master’s in Education and Provisional License for Professional Counseling. 

She began working as a counselor and five years later decided it was time to start working toward her dream. On June 11, 2012, Life Restoration Center officially opened as a non-profit in the State of Missouri. Since then, we have helped to change the lives of hundreds of children, teens, adults, families and couples struggling with addiction, trauma, and various mental illnesses.

The staff at Life Restoration Center have certainly stuck to their roots, talking and listening to clients, providing safety and a path to renewed dignity, and caring for those with life controlling problems. Happy birthday to us!

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