Troy, Mo. - Even with extreme temperatures baking downtown Troy on Aug. 7, the only smoking things the people of Lincoln County wanted to see were hot cars.

A record crowd packed the area for the 16th edition of the Memories on Main Street Car Show, an event two years in the making because the 2020 car show was crashed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As with every car show, vehicles of all types from all eras were featured, from tractors to kit cars to modern vehicles.

One of the most popular vehicles at the event was a 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air, owned by Troy’s Kyle Zumwalt. However, he allowed the public to do something to his car no one else would dare let happen – write and draw on it.

“It was just a stripped-down car when I got it, but it’s come a long way,” said Zumwalt, who has owned the Bel Air for seven months. “We did it for the kids. It was something to do.”

The car has special black paint, which allows the chalk to be easily removed, and taken from one car show to another to allow children to enjoy.

“It’s really easy,” Zumwalt said. “We’ll take some pictures of (the car, the writing and drawings), and it washes right off.

“It’s like a new canvas every time.”

Unlike Zumwalt’s car, Keith Loeffler’s 1962 Chevy II Nova is a family heirloom that has been completely restored to showroom condition. The O’Fallon resident, who was born and raised in Troy, inherited the car from his father, who died in 2006.

When Loeffler received the Nova, it was painted cherry red, and he suddenly realized it wasn’t the original paint.

The car’s previous owners (before Loeffler’s father) had painted the vehicle. Loeffler did research on the Nova – and found it was originally black with red interior, so he went to work restoring it.

“They scuffed it a little bit and painted right over the original paint – which was a good thing – because it peeled right off,” Loeffler said. “(The paint job) was terrible.”

Loeffler used a lynch wood chisel to scrape the paint off to expose the original black paint without damaging it.

“It was easier than sanding it off,” said Loeffler, a Nova enthusiast whose first vehicle was a 1963 version of the car.

Loeffler’s Nova was awarded third-place in the Chevy Stock division at the car show.

For the second time, Ron Boren took home the “Best In Show” trophy at Memories on Main Street Car Show for his 1969 Shelby GT-350, which is also a fan-favorite.

“It’s nice to get back here,” said the Pittsfield, Illinois native, who’s owned the car since 1988. “I like coming here to see some nice cars.

“They put on a nice show down here.”