Pat Rhoads

Patricia Rhoads

There isn’t very much Patricia Rhoads doesn’t love about Lincoln County.

The St. Louis native has lived in Troy for over 30 years with her family, and has been with Mercy Lincoln since March of 2000, when it was Lincoln County Medical Center.

“I’m the Executive Assistant to the Administration here at Mercy Lincoln which, includes Tony Rothermich, Administrator, Mark Thorn, Executive Director - Finance, Jacob Kliethermes, Executive Director - Nursing and Angela Gardner, Quality Manager,” Rhoads said. “I enjoy the variety. There’s never a dull moment. The atmosphere here is courteous, Christian and caring.”

Rhoads enjoys her job at Mercy Lincoln, and is an intregal part of the daily operations. She especially enjoys being able to contribute her opinion to staff and be a part of how the hospital works.

““As the hospital progresses, I have a chance to participate and I feel I have an opportunity to be heard. That’s important to me,” Rhoads said. “At the hospital, I feel as if I’m a valuable community resource of information. 

For example, when the hospital is inquiring about historical data, I have the knowledge and resources to contribute information.”

Rhoads has been a regular in the community from the moment her family moved to Lincoln County. She was named the Troy Chamber of Commerce Woman of the Year in 2010, and the Lincoln County Volunteer of the Year in 2016.

Volunteerism has been a huge part of Rhoads’ life since becoming a Lincoln County resident, serving on the board of Therapeutic Horsemanship and on the Economic Development Forum from 2008-2011 on behalf of LCMC, as well as serving on the Friends of LCMC organization for several years and volunteering for the Lincoln County Health Foundation.

“When we moved here, while my husband was the director of the Chamber, I assisted taking phone calls and directing residents to meet their needs,” Rhoads said. “

Rhoads currently volunteers for the Mercy Health Foundation Lincoln, as well as other local organizations.

“I serve on the board of Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service (in St. Charles County) as the representative from Lincoln and Warren counties with a $3 million annual budget,” she said. “Our mission is to fight homelessness and hunger. Sts. Joachim and Ann gets a larger footprint every year and had an office in Troy for several years.”

Rhoads’ mission of community service to Lincoln County is far from over.

“As a member and former (several time) officer for the Professional Business Women. I’ve been a big part of the senior fairs for many years. I’m now eligible to attend the senior fair.” Rhoads said. “This year because of COVID, we couldn’t have one, so we held a senior appreciation day at LCCOA. The merchants in town have been very generous with the PBW in support of our functions.

“The PBW is glad to be able to disseminate information seniors need and provide scholarships to girls in Lincoln County.”

Everything Rhoads has done over her time at Mercy Lincoln and in the community has been for one reason: to make Lincoln County a better place.

“I think (Lincoln County’s) the best place on earth to raise your kids,” she said.