Today, Aug. 30, marks National Grief Awareness Day.

The truth is, all of us go through hard times and grief often plays a considerable role as we push through the difficult eras of our lives. Grief is natural, even healthy, for us to experience in order to move onward. Despite grief being a natural, normal and seemingly universal experience that humans go through, it is rarely openly discussed in our society.

There are options for those working through the grieving process. Therapy is a great tool but it often varies in price, insurance acceptance, and availability. Since there are options that are more accessible than others here are a few that are relatively inexpensive, offer higher levels of anonymity and are done completely from your phone for your convenience:

            eTherapypro offers several options including phone calls, live chat, and video calls. Their prices range from $30 per session to $100 for four sessions and offer monthly rates at $40 per month for unlimited sessions.

            7cups is a telehealth platform that operates with a trained volunteer team who provide support via text messaging. This plan costs $150 a month and offers unlimited messaging.

            Free Online Therapy offers free chat to the community and volunteers and offers additional, licensed therapists for a weekly fee that covers unlimited chat, phone and video sessions.

Today, let’s take a moment to consider the members of our community who are undergoing the grieving process and remain conscientious of the unknown struggles that our neighbors may currently be going through.