State Specialst offers insight into poultry

Doctor Tajiana Fisher gives a presentation on poultry at the Mizzou extension office in Troy. Attendees learned the basics of chicken economics, physiology and rearing and had the opportunity to see live chickens following the presentation.

Troy, Mo. - “By 1985, chicken was more popular than Pork; by 1992, chicken consumption surpassed beef to become the most consumed meet in America,” began Dr. Tatijana Fisher as she presented the basics of poultry to the dozens in attendance.

People varying from bonafide bird raisers to simply prying poultry enthusiasts gathered on the morning of Oct. 8 at the Mizzou Extension Office hall in Troy for a unique educational opportunity. Fisher, the state’s lone poultry production and management specialist, educated the public on the chicken’s roll in feeding America, the basics of chicken physiology and the fundamentals of chicken rearing.