Within five years, a middle school generation will be the first generation that will not have parents to raise them, because many will have passed away from opioid overdose. 

This comment was made by the Lincoln County Ambulance Team at the Sept. 4, meeting of the Lincoln County Association for Family and Community Education Council. 

Opioid use has doubled in Lincoln and St. Charles counties in the last year.

It will take all of our community to work toward eliminating opioid abuse. 

Vivian Cody, president of Lincoln County FCE Council, presided over the meeting. Ramona Irvine, treasurer, gave the treasurer’s report. FCE members brought slightly-used towels for Troy vet clinic. Dorothy Cody and Vivian Cody gave a report on the MAFCE Annual Conference held in Jefferson City, August 28-29. FCE members have donated empty pill bottles to the country of Malawi and received word that 4 billion pill bottles have been received by that country. 

Fourth graders be looking for the new FCE Artwork/Essay Contest, on Respect, to be available for you to participate in. The contest goes from September-December 2019. 

It is open to all fourth grade Students in Lincoln County. The students are to hand draw a picture depicting “RESPECT” and to write a story explaining the drawing. 

This contest starts local and goes to the national level. 

The object of the contest is to encourage students to strive for excellence and creativity in reading, writing, and drawing skills among children, using the “Six Pillars of Character!” Information on the contest, contact (573) 384-5935.

This FCE meeting began the day with a coffee hour at 10:30 a.m., with desserts made by Lois King and Nancy Lacey. A salad luncheon, prepared by Vivian Cody, was enjoyed by all. Roll Call was, “Are You Ready for Fall?”


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