Winfield NJHS

Abby Beckemeier, left, a National Junior Honors Society Student at Winfield Middle School, tutors students from Winfield Primary School.

With the novel coronavirus taking away many opportunities to perform community projects, Winfield Middle School’s National Junior Honor Society students decided to give back in another way.

Instead of conducting their normal food drives, the students are utilizing their time as tutors to fellow students next door at Winfield Primary School.

“The tutoring program is a fantastic way for some of our NJHS students to give back to our school community as a whole,” said Winfield NJHS advisor Emily Hines. “The NJHS students that choose to participate love working with the younger students, and many hope to become teachers in the future.”

Hines also said both sides benefited greatly from the partnership. Grades improved dramatically among the elementary school students, who had an incentive to do well.

“Primary students started to make gains in just one month,” she said. “In a time when COVID-19 is restricting many community service opportunities, it is nice to have a program that offers a chance to help others.

“Also, we had an activity day to celebrate students who had great behavior and were on honor roll for second quarter. Students could choose activities from movies, games and crafts.”

Winfield NJHS members have also been honored for their work as well. Last year, three students became recipients of the NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award.

Callie Schulte won the award as a seventh-grader, and has been a member of the National Honor Society since the fifth grade. She has been part of Winfield Middle School’s Leadership Class for two years and helps to plan assemblies, events and community service projects for the school.

Bailey Hurt is also an eighth-grader who won the award last year, and has been a member since fourth grade. Hurt is the editor of the school’s weekly “Warrior Report,” which the Leadership Class puts out every week.

Zaidee Tucker is an honors freshman at Winfield High School, and won the award as an eighth grader at the middle school.

“Receiving this award truly showed me how lucky I am to have such a supportive group of family and friends,” Tucker said. “Living in Winfield and being able to have such a wonderful opportunity has changed me as a person for the better. I have been passionate and self-driven for success as far back as kindergarten. 

“I have been a member of the National Honor Society since the fourth grade, and have had a 4.0 GPA since elementary school.”