The culmination of the academic school year is recognized each year at the annual Awards Night held in May before the end of the school year.  


The highlight of the evening is the announcement of the Outstanding Student at Elsberry High School.  This year, senior Carolyn Wehmeyer was presented the iconic Indian Head at evening’s end on May 16 in the high school gymnasium.

Many outside and teacher awards were presented to students in front of family and friends.  The evening began with specialty award being given they were:  Jesse Black Outstanding in English Award, Carolyn Wehmeyer; P.E.O. highest GPA for the school year, (four way tie), Lauryn Eberhart, Josie Horne, Juan Valencia, and Carolyn Wehmeyer; Girls State, Mackenzie Pruitt and Jordan Cyr; Boys’ State, Ryan Shrum and Aidan Miller; Blue Star Mothers recognition of those entering the military, Carson Trammell, CaraRose King, and Stephen Boedeker; Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership, Madison Leckbee; Missouri Leadership, Morgan Jones; DNC Sophomore Pilgrimage, Brystal Jones; and Lincoln County Journal Outstanding Senior, Nicholas Stone.

Silver Arrow awards were then presented to students by the teachers who found a student worthy of exceeding expectations and having good character.  Those students were: Nick Stone, Juan Valencia, Tyler Donovan, Kelsey Pflasterer, Olivia Dietrich, Carolyn Wehmeyer, Jersey Riffle, Jon Davis, Sophia Vaughn, Lauryn Eberhart, Jaime Lopez-Amat, and Shaun Yi Shu.

The next award announced was the Most Improved Student from each grade as decided by the faculty.  Those were freshmen, Nick Bredenkoetter; sophomore, Jeffrey Gann; Tyler Donovan; and senior, T.J. Williams.

Throughout the school  year a senior is chosen every month as the student of the month.  Those students recognized were: September, Trevor Anthony; October, Carolyn  Wehmeyer; November, Josie Horne; December, Megan Wollgast; January, Tess Weakly; February, Nicholas Stone; March, Nathan Miller; April, Juan Valencia; and May, Harmon Kreuger.

Providence Bank sponsors the Perfect Attendance award and gives the students a gold coin.  Six students obtained this status, they were: Kyle Daniel, Douglas Horne, Cameron Kinealy, Kelsey Pflasterer, John Robinson, and Megan Wollgast.

Award of Excellence is given to any student who receives A’s and A- all year long.  Those students with this achievement were Trevor Anthony, Lauryn Eberhart, Maggie Horn, Josie Horne, Harmon Kreuger, Kara Lovelace, Nicholas Stone, Carson Trammell, Juan Valencia, Tess Weakly, Carolyn Wehmeyer, Megan Wollgast, Jordan Cyr, Cydney Jordan, Hailey King, Kennedi Barber, Macy Barber, Jeffrey Gann, Brooke Gray, Brystal Jones, Morgan Jones, Liberty Killian, Kylie Kinsler, Madison Leckbee, Cain Sadler, Kyle Daniel, Timothy Georgie, Abby Jenkins, Sydney Richnak, and Taylor Watts.  

Those receiving their Academic E for having at least a 3.33 gpa for three consecutive quarters (denotes scholar athlete*) were: Emma Brushwood, *Kyle Daniel, Timothy Georgie, Alexis Gruber, *Bo Henry,* Abby Jenkins, Kyndal Pratt, Sydney Richnak, *Ariel Rios, *Jack St. Pierre, *Will Stonebraker, *Colby Twellman, Taylor Watts, *Jamie Lopez-Amat, Kaylee Duvall, Jeffrey Gann, Vivian Marx, Cain Sadler, Joseph Winters, Ellie Corwin, Amber Curnel, *Jordan Cyr, Will Hogarth, *Jeremy Shaw, *Madeline Hartwell, and *CaraRose King.   Receiving a repeat bar for this same accomplishment were *Kennedi Barber, Macy Barber, *Caylyn Dowell, *Brooke Gray, Brystal Jones, *Morgan Jones, Liberty Killian, *Kylie Kinsler, *Mara Lammert, Madison Leckbee, Alex LoGrasso, *Adrianne Ryan, Veronica Whiteside, Danielle Georgie, *Douglas Horne, *Cydney Jordan,* Hailey King, Aidan Miller, *Mackenzie Pruitt, *Madison Steen, *Trevor Anthony, *Stephen Boedeker, *Lauryn Eberhart, *Eva Gladney, *Megan Hagemeier, *Garret Hall, *Clare Henry, *Maggie Horn, *Josie Horne, *Mackenzie Johnson, *Harmon Kreuger, *Kara Lovelace, *Nathan Miller, Jaime Richards, *Nicholas Stone Chelsea Toeiskoetter, *Carson Trammell, Juan Valencia, *Tess Weakly, *Carolyn Wehmeyer, and Megan Wollgast.

Students receiving recognition for being in National Honor Society were officers: Carolyn Wehmeyer, president; Hailey King, VP; Juan Valencia, Secretary; Mackenzie Pruitt, treasurer; repeat members:  Trevor Anthony, Lauryn Eberhart, Danielle Georgie, Eva Gladney, Megan Hagemeier, Garrett Hall, Clare Henry, Lyman Heras, Douglas Horne, Josie Horne, Cydney Jordan, Harmon Kreuger, Kara Lovelace, Nathan Miller, Jamie Richards, Nick Stone, Tess Weakly, Nate Williams, and Megan Wollgast; Inductees: Kennedi Barber, Macy Barber, Brooke Gray, Jada Irving, Brystal Jones, Morgan Jones, Liberty Killian, Kylie Kinsler, Mara Lammert, Madison Leckbee, Aidan Miller, Veronica Whiteside and Joe Winters.




Classroom awards were given to students from teachers based on their outstanding performance.  Mr. Perry’s Math awards were:  Geometry, Timothy Georgie and Veronica Whiteside; Algebra 2, Liberty Killian and Will Hogarth; Applied Math, Tyler Donovan. Mr. Bencomo’s Math awards: Algebra I, Bo Henry, Shaun Yi Shu, Ella Gomel, Kelsey Pflasterer; and Mr. Watts Math awards were: College Algebra, Juan Valencia; Pre-Calculus, Hailey King and Aidan Miller; and Calculus, Juan Valencia.   Mrs. Heitman’s Science classes were:  Chem 2, Carolyn Wehmeyer;  Physics, Douglas Horne; Chem 1, Hailey King; and Physical Science, Taylor Watts and Timothy Georgie.  Receiving awards in Mrs. Shaffer’s Science classes were: Biology, Morgan Jones and Macy Barber;  Honors Biology, Clare Henry; and Environmental Science, Mara Lammert.   Mrs. Dormire’s English classes were:  English I, Sydney Richnak;  English 2, Liberty Killian and Macy Barber.  Awards in Mrs. Harman’s English classes were: English 3, Madison Steen and Tyler Hagemeier; English 3 Honors, Hailey King and Veronica Whiteside; English 4, Mackenzie Johnson and Danielle Reeves; and English 4 Honors, Lauryn Eberhart.  Mrs. Head’s Art classes were: Art 1, Alex LoGrasso; Ceramics, CaraRose King; Kate Koch, Sculpture; and Drawing and Painting, Mara Lammert; Advanced Ceramics, Tess Weakly; Advanced Sculpture, Nick Stone; Advanced Drawing and Painting, Amber Curnel; and Advanced Art, Megan Wollgast.  Mr. Easley’s History awards: World History, Carolyn Wehmeyer, Joseph Winters, and Cydney Jordan; Missouri History, Brooke Gray and Kylie Kinsler; and American Government, Kaylee Duvall; Mr. Hunter’s History classes:  American History, Timothy Georgie, Kyle Daniel, Sydney Richnak, and Taylor Watts; Economics, Megan Wollgast, Harmon Kreuger, and Brooke Gray. Mrs. Gomel’s Business awards: Cydney Jordan, Jeffrey Gann, Leora Marshall, Brylie King, Alex LoGrasso, Trevor Anthony, Madison Leckbee, Brooke Gray, and Hailey King.  Mr. Bencomo’s Spanish Awards:  Spanish I & II, Hailey King, Brooke Gray, Macy Barber, and Kennedi Barber.  Mrs. Jones FACS award, Makenzie Johnson; and Yearbook recognition, Clare Henry, Eva Gladney, Lauryn Eberhart, Madison Steen, and 

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