Two local sisters start “Adopt-a-Classroom”

Megan Lavy of Silex and Jessica Boedeker of Elsberry took on a community service project three years ago when they came up with the idea to “Adopt-A-Classroom”. It all started out by donating books for every student in one of their child’s classrooms. 

The sisters wanted to make sure every child received a brand new book for Christmas. They receive donations from individuals and businesses to purchase the books. Lavy said that this year they have donated approximately 1,100 books to the local schools. Every student in Pre-K through fifth grade will receive a book at Elsberry, Silex, Hawk Point and The Early Childhood Education Center in Troy. 

Lavy and Boedeker wrap each book individually so the students have something to unwrap. Lavy says they started wrapping books back in November. 

“We have been extremely blessed with our donors, but we would love to get more so we can add more schools.” 

If you would like more information on this project or would like to make a donation, you can email Megan at or Jessica at  

Pictured is Megan Lavy donating books to Silex Elementary.