Troy, Mo. - In three decades as an educator, Troy Buchanan Activities Director Jason Smith has a built a strong reputation among teachers, fellow administrators – and the students he represents.

That reputation earned him Administrator of Year for 2021 by the Northeast District Missouri Student Council Association.

Smith was surprised, and humbled, the students of Troy Buchanan nominated him for the honor – much less winning it.

“Just being nominated for an award by a student led organization is a huge honor. To actually receive the award is icing on the cake,” he said. “It’s a great feeling knowing that the people you work with feel supported. Our Student Council is one of the best in the state.  

“It is amazing to see the ideas they come up with each day to try to engage student involvement, increase school spirit and encourage community service. The sponsors and students are the absolute best, and I can’t think of a greater honor than to be recognized by this organization.”

In order to be a successful administrator, one has to have the support of the school community, and Smith, a second-generation administrator, said he has one of the best at Troy Buchanan, as well as at home.

“In my 27 years in education, I have had the luxury of working with some great administrators, teachers, sponsors and coaches,” Smith said. “My dad, a retired administrator, and all of these people have had a great impact on my career.”  

Smith also said, as important as the award is, it’s not what motivates him to give back to the students.

“It is a great honor to receive these accolades, but I get just as much satisfaction when a student, parent, teacher or administrator shows appreciation,” he said. “I think most people that know me know that I love what I do, I love the students that I serve and will do anything to help them find success.”