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Gary Dixon (left) does an interview with Gail Lipsey from Toyota Bodine (right) at the annual Thanksgiving Feast at New Horizons. 

New Horizons High School sends students home each Thanksgiving break with knowledge about and exposure to interviewing, as well as a satisfied stomach. The tradition at NHHS is to combine their annual Thanksgiving Feast with Interview Day. 

On Tuesday, Nov. 26, New Horizons students had the opportunity to meet with business and community leaders from throughout the county during two 10-minute, individual mock interviews. 

At the conclusion of interviews during both the morning and afternoon sessions, students enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving meal organized and served by their principal and staff. Interviewers were invited to stay and eat with NHHS students and faculty. 

Students got feedback and tips from professionals, and they enjoyed the camaraderie with one another afterward over dinner. Business people attending included: Tammy Dobbs (Meyer & Co. Real Estate), Shannon Willis (Pike-Lincoln Tech Center), Ray Antonacci (Lincoln County Ambulance), Jenn McCord (Troy Chamber of Commerce), Dr. Gina Bueneman-Cooper (Cooper Management Training and Consulting, Inc.), Matt Arnold (Bank of Old Monroe), Karen Douglas Peoples Bank & Trust), Gail Lipsey (Toyota Bodine), Leah Almeling (Toyota Bodine), Jesse Flinn (Paric), Julie Huber-Rodgers (Lincoln County Economic Development), Mikal Bencomo-Lagemann (Heartland Hopsice), Justin St. Pierre (Peoples Bank & Trust), Martin Hanley (Pike-Lincoln Tech Center), Patty Clisham (Ductz) and Bill O’Neal (St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church).     



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