Benjamin Franklin said, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” 

During the November Silex School Board Meeting, Principal Rod Hamlett, explained the 2018-2019 Performance Standards for K-12th grades. The public knows these assessments as Missouri Assessment Program (MAP). 

There are five categories each school district is graded: academic achievement, subgroup achievement, college and career readiness, attendance rate, and graduation rate. 

Hamlett explained the point system used to grade tests: one point-Below Basic, three points-Basic, four points-Proficient, five points-Advanced. It is this grading system that helps determine a school’s MAP Performance Index (MPI). 

Graph 1

Hamlett stated, “they take what your MPI is over the last two years and your last three year averages and they just want make sure they seem some growth. And that’s how you’re really graded.” 

Because the overall goal of MAP is to measure academic achievement and demonstrate improvement in the performance of its students over time, it is safe to say the Silex School District demonstrated well above the state average in the five categories. 

The chart below compares and contrasts MPI scores and rates of Silex School District to the state average of four of the five categories the school receives. The fifth category is addressed separately next.  

Graph 2

The College and Career Readiness category is split in three sections that measure: students who are college or career ready, students who earned advanced or vocational credit, and students who seek further education six months post-graduation. 

The graph below illustrates Silex School District’s averages compared to the state averages in the three sub-categories.

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