1st Overall-Dubois.jpg

Hailey DuBois

First Place

2nd overall-Garcia.jpg

Nancy Garcia

Second Place

3rd Overall-Bruner.jpg

Soleil Bruner

Third Place

Lincoln County Soil & Water Conservation District is proud to announce the winners of the annual Poster Contest. First place overall was Hailey DuBois from Winfield Intermediate, second place was Nancy Garcia from Main Street Elementary and third place overall was Soleil Bruner from Lincoln Elementary. The theme for this year’s poster contest was “Life in the Soil: Dig Deeper.”  Each year a new topic on conservation is chosen covering issues from trees to water to soil.  First place winners in each class received $10.  The overall winners for the county received $50, $25 and $10 additionally. DuBois will also have her poster go on to compete against fourth-sixth graders at the state level.

All winners listed below:

• Winfield Intermediate – Alexander Boyd, Mrs. Dahm’s class; Jazlin Mason, Mrs. Heintzelman’s class; Hailey DuBois, Mrs. Hunter’s class; Danielle Vestal, Mrs. Newton’s class; Neva Usery, Mrs. Riley’s class and Georgia Powell, Mrs. Weldon’s class.

• William Cappel Elementary – Bailey Morris, Mrs. Peasel’s class; Alivia Wollbrinck, Mrs. Ray’s class and Arleena Sciarratta, Mrs. Schlueter’s class.

• Silex – Mahayla Brownlee, Mrs. Balfanz’s class and Rylen Jensen, Mrs. Cox’s class. 

• Main Street Elementary –  Unglee Butsan, Mrs. Jeans’s class; Layla Leonard, Mrs. Toedebusch’s class and Nancy Garcia, Mrs. Zeiss’s class.

• Lincoln Elementary – Jaxson Creech, Mrs. Moore’s class; Kayla Coleman, Mrs. Miller’s class and Soleil Bruner, Mrs. Voss’s class.

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