Keevan sells bracelets as part of a fundraiser for local library

Nine year old Lucy Keeven loves to read and what better way to get new books into the library than have a fundraiser to purchase them.  

The Joseph R. Palmer Library was the recipient of Keeven’s generosity from proceeds she made from making bracelets.  The third grader got a bracelet making kit for her birthday and loved making them so much she decided to sell them.  

Not only did she donate $150 in proceeds to the library, but she got to help Librarian Sarah Hunt pick out the new books that were going to be placed in the youth section.  Keeven put her new found talent to work making over 30 bracelets for her clients.  

“This was a young lady with a plan and she carried it out very successfully.  This donation to purchase books was an amazing task and very much appreciated,” said Hunt.