Despite social gathering restrictions students at Elsberry High School had the opportunity to be recognized for their outstanding academic achievements from the school year.  The Renaissance awards presentation was held via Facebook Live last Tuesday evening.  


Senior Hailey King was presented with the prestigious Indian Head Award for being the outstanding student at Elsberry High School as chosen by the facult.  King was also presented with the P.E.O. award for the highest GPA for the year and Jessie Black Award for being the outstanding English student. Other recognitions were: entering the military, Fernando Aguilera, Shane Lewis, and Kody Thornhill; HOBY recipient, Abby Jenkins; Sophomore Pilgrimage, Timothy Georgie; Girls’ State Representatives, Kennedi Barber, Caylyn Dowell, Brooke Gray, Abbey Talbot, and Veronica Whiteside; Boys’ State Representatives, Jeffery Gann, Cain Sadler, Cameron Kinealy, and Alex LoGrasso.  Recognized as Student of the Month during the school year were: Hailey King, Douglas Horne, Madison Steen, Aidan Miller, Cydney Jordan, Lyman Heras, and Sasha Lisovsky.

Each year the faculty chooses a student from each grade level as the Most Improved Student based not only on grades, but attitude, character traits, and positivity.  Chosen were:  Olivia Dietrich, senior; Savannah Burbridge, junior; Eli Gladney, sophomore; and Destyni Gabel, freshmen. The Award of Excellence is awarded to any student who earns A and A- all year long. Receiving this were seniors, Lyman Heras, Cydney Jordan, Hailey King, Sasha Lisovsky; juniors, Kennedi Barber, Macy Barber, Brooke Gray, Brystal Jones, Morgan Jones, Liberty Killian, Kylie Kinsler, Madison Leckbee, Addison Mayes; sophomores, Kyle Daniel, Timothy Georgie, Abby Jenkins, Sydney Richnak, Taylor Watts; freshmen, Lillie Jones, Kaden Kinsler, Emily Moellman, Emily Moyer, Mia Spurlock.

Academic Letter were presented to seniors, Amber Curnel, Olivia Dietrich, Gabino Francisco-Gonzalez, Tyler Hagemeier, Sasha Lisovsky, Leora Marshall; juniors, Cameron Kinealy, Addison Mayes, Santiago Rios, Abbey Talbot; sophomores, Josiah Heras, Most Koatnon, Joel Mound, Kelsey Pflasterer; freshmen, Stanley Bazan, Carli Donovan, Candice Dowell, Makenzie Gladney, Andres Glyka, Lena Hagemeier, Jacob Heitman, Cooper Jones, Lillie Jones, Destiny Killian, Kaden Kinsler, Olivia Kinsler, Jorgen Kreuger, Makenna Mills, Emily Moellman, Emily Moyer, Hank Rockwell, Madilyn Shrum, Mia Spurlock, Addyson Steele, Serene Tuck, Andres Valencia, Evan Wilson, and Leah Wilson.  

Repeating academic bar went to seniors, Jordan Cyr, Chasity Eaton, Mina Folkerts, Danielle Georgie, Dayna Gibler, Lyman Heras, Will Hogarth, Douglas Horne, Cydney Jordan Hailey King, Aidan Miller, Mackenzie Pruitt, Madison Steen; juniors, Kennedi Barber, Macy Barber, Caylyn Dowell, Jeffery Gann, Brooke Gray, Brystal Jones, Morgan Jones, Liberty Killian, Kylie Kinsler, Mara Lammert, Madison Leckbee, Alex LoGrasso, Cain Sadler, Veronica Whiteside; sophomores, Emma Brushwood, Kyle Daniel, Timothy Georgie, Bo Henry, Abby Jenkins, Kyndal Pratt, Sydney Richnak, Ariel Rios, Colby Twellman, Taylor Watts.

Scholar Athletes were as follow: fourth year receiving the Eagle were Douglas Horne and Cydney Jordan; third year receiving the Scroll were Lyman Heras, Caylyn Dowell, Brooke Gray, Morgan Jones, Kylie Kinsler, Mara Lammert; second year torch were Jordan Cyr, Kyle Daniel, Bo Henry, Abby Jenkins, Ariel Rios, Colby Twellman; first year receiving the lamp were Gabino Francisco-Gonzalez, Sasha Lisovsky, Leora Marshall, Olivia Dietrich, Santiago Rios, Cain Sadler, Josiah Heras, Joel Mound, Kelsey Pflasterer, Candice Dowell, Makenzie Gladney, Andres Glyka, Lena Hagemeier, Jacob Heitman, Kaden Kinsler, Olivia Kinsler, Jorgen Kreuger, Makenna Mills, Hank Rockwell, Mia Spurlock, Addyson Steele, Andres Valencia, Evan Wiilson.

In addition to Renaissance academic awards, teachers also give outstanding student recognition in their respective classes.  Those presented were as follows: Mrs. Head’s Art Awards, ceramics, Kyle Daniel; Art I, Alyssa Love; Advanced Art, Macy Barber; Sculpture, Mara Lammert; Drawing and Painting, Morgan Jones and Ariel Rios. Mrs. Gomel’s Business Awards, personal finance, Timothy Georgie, Sydney Richnak; Coding/Engineering, Timothy Georgie, Douglas Horne, Aidan Miller; Computer Applications I, Lillie Jones and Dayna Gibler; Computer Applications II, Leora Marshall; Fastest Keyboarding, Hank Rockwell. Mrs. Cooper’s Music Awards, National School Choral Award, Lyman Heras; National Marching Award, Cydney Jordan; Patrick S. Gilmore Band Award, Aidan Miller; John Philip Sousa Award, Lyman Heras. Mrs. Shaffer’s Science awards, Biology, Abby Jenkins, Sydney Richnak, Taylor Watts; Environmental Science, Brooke Gray; Honors Biology, Hailey King.  Mrs. Heitman’s Science awards, Physics, Hailey King; Chemistry, Liberty Killian; Physical Science, Andres Glyka, Kaden Kinsler, Olivia Kinsler, Mia Spurlock.  Mr. Hunter’s Social Studies, Adv. Am. History/Adv. Government, Will Hogarth; Economics, Timothy Georgie; Applied History, Kyle Daniel; American History, Jacob Heitman, Mia Spurlock, Kaden Kinsler, Madilyn Shrum, Emily Moellman, Emily Moyer.   Mr. Easley´s Social Studies awards, Government, Brooke Gray, Liberty Killian, Kylie Kinsler, Madison Leckbee;  Missouri History, Douglas Horne, Veronica Whiteside; American Civil War, Madison Steen; World History, Brooke Gray, Taylor Watts; Lewis and Clark History Award, Tyler Donovan.  Ms. Jacobs’ Outstanding Student, Brook Riffle.  Mr. Perry's Math awards, Geometry, Kelsey Pflasterer; Applied Math, Danya Gibler; Statistics, Gabino Francisco-Gonzalez; Pre-Algebra, Serene Tuck.  Mrs. Lilley´s Math award, Algebra I, Andres Valencia; Algebra II, Lillie Jones, Kaden Kinsler, Mia Spurlock, Timothy Georgie, Sydney Richnak, Kyle Daniel, Emily Moellman, Addyson Steele, Taylor Watts; College Algebra, Leora Marshall, Danielle Georgie, Mackenzie Pruitt.   Mr. Watts´ Math awards, Calculus, Aidan Miller;  Precalculus, Brooke Gray, Macy Barber, Gabino Francisco-Gonzalez, Liberty Killian, Madison Leckbee.  Mrs. Dormire´s English awards, English I, Olivia Kinsler, Destiny Killian, Addyson Steele; English II, Kyle Daniel, Kyndal Pratt, Sydney Richnak.  Mrs. Harman´s English Awards, English III, Cameron Kinealy, Sydney Nelson; English III Honors, Madison Leckbee, Taylor Watts; English IV, Tyler Hagemeier, Annabelle Claussen;  English IV Honors, Mackenzie Pruitt and Madison Steen.