Over the last week one couldn’t have missed all the talk about Feb. 29. 


Elsberry Middle School counselor, Summer Hagemeier holds up the time capsule that was opened with special memorabilia in it from four years ago for EHS juniors and seniors.

This being a leap year, which occurs every four years to help synchronize the Gregorian calendar year with the solar year, or in lay terms, the length of time it takes the earth to complete its orbit around the sun.  Many things happen on this day, there are babies born, couples marry, or even a special deal at a restaurant because of this rare occurrence of the date. 

At Elsberry School students in the high school had a unique opportunity four years ago on leap day.  Then, middle school English teachers, Tori Towery and Hillari Lagemann, with the help of counselor, Summer Hagemeier, had the seventh and eighth grade students write a letter to their future self.  These letters were then put in a time capsule to be opened on the next leap year or four years later when these students would be juniors and seniors.  Several of the students could not believe the increase in their maturity level from four years ago.

Activities for this year include students in grades fifth through eighth writing a letter to themselves, that Hagemeier will again put in a time capsule to be open in four years, on the next leap year.  Also, freshmen students wrote a letter to their future self that will be mailed to them in four years.  Finally, several juniors and seniors talked to Middle school students about what life might be like, what they should be thinking about, and what they wish they would have known going into high school.