(This article is Part 3 of a series about the Pike Lincoln Technical Center)


“Before being a student at PLTC, I was just a kid with a dream.  Now I’m a kid who knows exactly how to make her dreams come true.”  This statement was offered anonymously by one of the current Pike Lincoln Technical Center’s students, where young people can achieve their goals through advanced computer training.

One class, digital design, is a two-year program where students are trained to maximize their understanding of desktop publishing, web page design, digital video, and digital image editing.  All skills are highly marketable in the workplace.

Almost all business owners rely on web pages to promote their skills to the public.  The PLTC students design and create web pages for themselves, the school, and clients.  Ellie Corwin, Elsberry junior, explains that the digital design classwork “offers us hands-on, one-on-one learning experiences that may not be available” in the regular school setting.

A second class, 3D modeling and animation, gives students opportunities to create models on-screen which then become tangible renderings.  A multi-stage process begins with using specialized software to manipulate 3D images.  Pictures and drawings are exported and placed in the desired positions, resulting in the illusion of movement.  This process creates a depth perspective, just as a typical sculpture does.  The resulting image produces a pattern that can be rendered into an actual product.

PLTC students addressed a recent case on behalf of a boy in the local area.  The young man, born without his right hand, was given a prosthetic and movable hand created by several students.  Clearly, the feat would have been much more difficult to achieve without the students’ effective use and extensive knowledge of 3-D modeling and animation.  

PLTC enrollees study digital techniques and learn essential skills; they also leave the PLTC with knowledge focused on digital on-screen work, and with the ability to create solid and useful products that help others beyond the walls of their school.

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