Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher appreciation week challenges contestants — Pictured is Dr. Amy Porter, Director of Elementary Curriculum, looking at the other photos of completed challenges at the Cuivre Park Elementary. During the week of May 3 to 7 the teachers “spun” a wheel and had to complete a challenge to win the prize. The competed challenges were then proudly displayed in the school’s office. 

Troy, Mo. - Cuivre Park Elementary celebrated teacher appreciation the week of May 3 to 7. 

Carmen Mix, an elementary teacher at the school, said that every morning during teacher appriciation week the teachers enter in the teacher lounge and spin a wheel.

“All the teachers and paraprofessionals will spin this wheel. For example it will give us a challenge and we all have a score sheet so this will tell us [the score among the completed staff challenges],” Mix spun the wheel, “it says challenge 28 and so you would pick a small prize, whatever the [wheel] says and then you would find your challenge, and take a picture of it.” 

She turned to page 28 in the challenge book. “Each person had a challenge. “[In this challenge] this is some bags of Hershey Kisses hidden in some cups in the bottom right hand cabinet, take one and secretly place a kiss on a teacher’s desk. So there are small ones and then there were bigger challenges,” Mix said. 

She said if you did your challenge you got points and then at the end of Monday May 10 the school will announce the winners of the game show. 

Also when a teacher completed a challenge they put their photos of the completed task up in the office to display. 

“There is a price for collective points for the whole building,” said Toni White, the organizer for the game show. “You are not only helping yourself win, but you are also helping the whole building.”