Thanksgiving dinner

The true meaning of Thanksgiving focuses upon relationships. And, almost two years into the pandemic, social habits have changed dramatically. The pause of life created a period of hesitation and has made people reconsider many aspects of their lives.

Coping with everything that life throws at us lately can be rough! For other people, isolation may still feel comforting even when it is no longer as necessary.

Holiday celebrations this year will be an early peek into a new window. And Thanksgiving will be an early peek at how social life is continuing to be maneuvered.

But as all this comes down the pipeline, we have to be thankful for what we have, and realize that happiness really comes down to what rules we set for ourselves in order to be happy. A grateful perspective is critical to sustain positivity – to energize, to heal and to bring hope!

Thanksgiving serves as one of the best moments for family members to join each other and strengthen the family. It helps bring out the light even when we see things dark. 

So this Thanksgiving, don’t let it pass you by. The day will come and go quickly, but our response to the day, will set the tone for you and your loved ones for the rest of the holiday season. And that’s to be thankful, grateful and blessed!