Firearms deer season opened on Saturday, Nov. 16 in Lincoln County. 

Shooting time during deer season is one half hour before sunrise to one half hour after sunset.

The youth firearms season occurred over the weekend of Nov. 9-10.

Deer season is a state-wide sensation in Missouri, said Lincoln County Conservation Agent Kevin Eulinger.

“It’s big not only in Lincoln County, which is a great place to hunt deer but state wide there’s 500,000 people that buy permits to hunt deer in the state of Missouri,” Eulinger said. 

That revenue is vital to the Missouri Department of Conservation.

“It’s important for our economy because the amount of money that’s generated to Missouri’s local communities from people that are hunting, with food and gas and hotels and that kind of stuff. It’s a boom for these few weeks,” Eulinger said.

Deer season is also an activity that lots of people huddle around for community.

“It’s an important time of year for a lot of people. Families get together,” Eulinger said.

Another reason deer-hunting season is important is the conservation aspect.

“It also helps to control our growing deer heard. We’ve got a lot of deer vehicle incidents right now and one of the best ways we can help to reduce some of those crop damage and vehicle incidents is to harvest our deer herd, and the cold weather is certainly going to help,” Eulinger said.

He said that the cold weather aids in getting the deer moving and on their feet. It gets the deer to need and want to venture out and find food, which leads to heightened visibility and a greater chance of hunters spotting a deer, but while the cold does a good job of getting the deer ready to be hunted, it keeps the hunters from wanting to do as much hunting.

“It’s awfully tough on the hunters when the conditions are really cold like they are today. But you have to sit tight and hope you see a deer coming your way. Typically cold weather is conducive to a very good deer season,” Eulinger said.

And with every hunting season and conservation endeavor, Eulinger and his fellow agents want to really stress safety.

“Obviously, the regulations require people to wear hunter orange, hats and vests, but you know, firearm safety is extremely important. And just be respectful of other peoples’ property,” Eulinger said.

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