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Earning an opportunity to represent Missouri 4-H at a national competition is a tremendous honor. 

After a team wins, they must raise most of the funds to travel to the contest. FCS Financial wants to help teams attend these competitions with $500 grants.

“We recognize the time and dedication it takes to win a State 4-H Contest. We are happy to provide travel grants to support these 4-H teams as they represent Missouri at national contests,” said David Janish, CEO of FCS Financial.

To qualify for a grant, a team must win first place in a Missouri State 4-H Contest category listed on the application, and submit their completed application to the email address on the form and they will be contacted by a local office for a grant presentation.

Grant applications are available on the FCS Financial website under Special Programs, https://www.myfcsfinancial.com/about-us/special-programs.