Jodi Mauzy

Jodi Mauzy

Many people can claim to be at the same work place for an extended period of time, but few can claim to have four different bosses come and go in a 20 year period.  

Recently, Jodi Mauzy was recognized for her 20 years of dedicated service to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department as the administrative assistant to the sheriff.  Mauzy who usually plans events like this for other employees was surprised when a reception was given in her honor last week. 

Mauzy started her tenure under Sheriff Jim Johnson in 2000 and since has worked for Sheriff Danny Torres, Sheriff Mike Krigbaum, and currently, Sheriff John Cottle.  She credits her ability to stay with each sheriff to her easy going personality.  On the other hand, it was to each Sheriff’s advantage to keep someone who knew the ropes in the office.  

“Like a lot of work places our office is a family type environment, where everyone is there if a need arises.  When I started 20 years ago I was the young person, I have now grown to be the motherly figure within the office,” Mauzy explained.

Not only has she seen change with each man in charge, she has seen the change in the entire sheriff’s department up close.    Areas that have grown, such as, number of deputies and positions within the department, jail accommodations and evidence storage.  Mauzy is excited the most about the newest addition, a training facilities for inmates.  

She continued, “This will give many of our inmates the opportunity to be released with the skills and knowledge to have opportunity in society for employment that they may have not gotten before in life.”

An Elsberry native, Mauzy and her family currently reside in rural Elsberry.  She is a 1995 graduate of Elsberry High School, a proud Mom of four children and a son-in-law, and a spouse to a law enforcement officer.   In high school the opportunity for her to attend Pike Lincoln Tech School was available; she took a class in Office Systems and was able to get the knowledge and skills to work in the office setting after high school.

Her hard work and dedication to not only the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, but the citizens of Lincoln County is appreciated by all.